Sunday, May 13, 2012

Action for Palestinian prisoners, Ma'ale Adumin, West Bank, 13.05.2012

 Palestinian demonstrations continued today as Palestinian activists, International and Israelis activists blocked the entry to Ma'ale Adumim settlement. Two Palestinian activists were arrested as the road/entrance to the settlement was blocked to oncoming vehicles for a good hour and traffic was stalled for over a mile. Today's rally was in solidarity with the hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners.
In the last few weeks, thousands of Palestinian prisoners have been on a hunger strike while in detention at Israeli jails, and several are at risk of death. The hunger strike is in protest of their administrative detention without trial, restrictive visiting rights, limited access to educational materials and unjust treatment. Many prisoners have carried on the hunger strike for over 60+ days, while Pro Palestinian activists join the protest outside of jail in may cities along the West Bank and Gaza in hopes to bring world wide attention to the treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government.

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